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Walmart is selling “Idaho Potato Malted Milkshake and Fries” ice cream

This isn’t an advertisement for Walmart, although it might sound like one. It’s also not an advertisement for Van Leeuwen Ice Cream or the Idaho Potato Commission. It’s simply some information in which Idahoans might be interested. Let’s start with Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. Fifteen years ago, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream consisted solely of a…MORE

Albertsons Stadium will light up for Bronco victories

LED lights have a lot of advantages over lights created by good old-fashioned light bulbs. For one, LED lights are able to render colors more accurately. They also produce less glare than light bulbs. They’re more efficient, too, as they reduce your typical energy consumption by 60 to 70 percent. So have you heard where…MORE

When it comes to polite driving Idaho is #2

Congratulations, Idaho. You don’t have the most confrontational drivers in the United States. And that could be because it’s just not hot enough here. Arizona, on the other hand, is plenty hot. Consequently, or possibly coincidentally, the state with the most confrontational drivers is Arizona. That designation was discovered by the Forbes Advisor website. Forbes…MORE has almost all the answers

If there’s anything you don’t know about sending kids back to school in the Boise School District, check the website and you’ll probably find the answer. Did you know there are late-start elementary schools? Standard elementary schools in Boise start their school day at 8:45am and end at 3:15pm, a six-hour and 30-minute day.…MORE

Idaho has not always been overwhelmingly Republican

Candidates for president don’t usually spend much time campaigning in Idaho, and that’s understandable. The Republican party has earned all four of Idaho’s electoral votes for 14 presidential elections in a row. The Republican candidate usually gets about twice as many votes as the Democrat, and that’s not expected to change any time soon. But…MORE

The smartest states are some of the coldest

There are nearly as many reasons for living somewhere as there are people who live there. Maybe your family is there. Maybe you had to move there for a job. Maybe you followed a boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe you just needed a change from the last place you lived. Or if your work or career…MORE

Nampa Farmers’ Market third best in the nation

The American Farmland Trust is a non-profit organization that was started, essentially, to do two things. They want to keep farmland farmland, and they want to keep the farmers on that farmland. The organization is made up of a lot of farmers, but it’s also comprised of policy experts, researchers and scientists. Every year the…MORE

Algebra lessons use Idaho Office of Highway Safety accident data

In the United States, most colleges and universities use Latin honors to indicate the level of distinction with which an academic degree has been earned. Typically, there are three levels of Latin honors. Summa cum laude is highest, followed by magna cum laude and cum laude. Different schools award Latin honors for different reasons. Some…MORE

The Idaho Stop is spreading to other states

In Idaho, our state legislature meets for only three months annually, starting in January and ending in late March. Occasionally the session goes a little longer if legislative leaders believe there is unfinished business. When new laws are passed and signed by the governor, they generally go into effect on July 1 of the same…MORE

A new candidate for Boise City Council

A new candidate for the Boise City Council has thrown his hat into the ring. Jeremy Gugino is a longtime volunteer and worker for the Idaho Democratic Party. Gugino will attempt to win the District 5 seat previously held by council president Holli Woodings. Woodings resigned three weeks ago and is moving to Washington DC.…MORE