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The Access to Lung Cancer Screening Act would help more Idahoans survive

The American Lung Association in Idaho has released its 2023 “State of Lung Cancer” report, which found that lung cancer screening in the state is far too low. Only 2.9 percent of Idahoans are getting screened. And if you want to address the burden of lung cancer in Idaho, the association says working to increase…MORE

Are you Idaho Ready for winter driving?

Ellen Mattila of the Idaho Transportation Department sent out a message to Gem State residents this week, asking “Are you Idaho Ready for winter driving?” The Department, like everyone else in Idaho, knows the state looks great with a fresh blanket of snow. And that’s fantastic if you’re not driving. But when you are, the…MORE

Idaho roads would like you to adopt them

There was an episode of the television show “Seinfeld” in 1997 entitled “The Pothole”. Among the storylines in the episode is one featuring the character Kramer. Kramer complains about the failing highway infrastructure after running over an abandoned sewing machine, so he adopts a one-mile piece of the “Arthur Burghardt Expressway” through the Adopt a…MORE

In Idaho you are less likely to be murdered

There are plenty of good reasons to live in Idaho, and here’s one of them: Counting all 50 states, the District of Columbia and the territory of Puerto Rico, you’re tenth least likely to be a victim of violent crime in Idaho. Or at least you were in 2020, the most recent year for which…MORE

Idaho Senator’s Fight to Save Democracy

Frank Church was a United States Senator from the state of Idaho, serving as a Democrat in the Senate from 1957 to 1981, leaving when he was defeated for reelection by Republican Steve Symms. By today’s standards, Church was a very young senator. He was elected at the age of 32 and served only until…MORE

Try a slice of non-European-based Americana

The most recent estimate of Idaho’s population, according to the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs, is 1,787,375, which seems like a pretty specific number for an estimate. Of that number, also according to the Idaho Commission on Hispanic Affairs, the total number of people born in or descended from Spanish-speaking countries is 229,490 or about…MORE

When safety nets are taken away a lot of people go hungry in Idaho

Do you know the term “food security”? It has to do with the availability of food where you live and your ability within that area to gain access to, afford and obtain adequate amounts of it. According to the United Nations Committee on World Food Security, food security is defined as meaning that all people…MORE

The ring of fire will darken the Idaho sky Saturday morning

Get ready for a ring of fire this Saturday. No, there won’t be a Johnny Cash concert, which at this point would have to include AI and holograms. It’s a solar eclipse. As usual, you’ll be able to see it, but not look at it. It’s called a “ring of fire solar eclipse”, but its…MORE

COVID is the reason lottery jackpots are so large

Powerball jackpots lately have been huge. As of this writing, the next drawing will be for approximately 1.4 billion dollars. You might be asking yourself, “Didn’t Powerball or Mega Millions get up over a billion dollars just a few weeks ago?” And the answer is yes. The observation you should make from that is that…MORE

Don’t burn the house down for Halloween

If neighborhood decorations are to be believed, it’s Halloween again. Or at least it’s Halloween season. Technically, Halloween is still a few weeks away. If you have children, or if you really love costumes or cosplay, you probably have the day circled on your calendar. Other people ignore it completely and simply keep their lights…MORE