Eagle police catch reckless e-bike riding teens

Eagle Police have taken two juveniles into custody after a several-week-long round of cat and mouse as both boys rode e-bikes recklessly through town.

The Eagle Police received numerous reports of riders on powered electric dirt bikes riding recklessly along sidewalks, streets, through parks and disrupting soccer games.

CBS2 reports deputies attempted to intercept them on June 6th, after they rode through the Eagle Sports Complex, but they evaded police after splitting up.

One of the riders was later contacted on N. Horseshoe Bend Rd. when a deputy pulled alongside the juvenile.

The young man then flipped the deputy off and sped off, however, the deputy was able to eventually catch the rider and he was taken into custody.

The other rider was followed by a drone by deputies as he rode through the Dry Creek Cemetary.

He was identified as another 15-year-old juvenile male and was taken into custody and charges have been referred to the Ada County Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.