Eagle grape grower creating winery

City of Eagle grape farmer Steve Bruneel will be creating a winery and vineyard on 39 acres of his property on N Gooder John Lane, about half a mile west of Linder Road.

On June 11, the Eagle City Council approved his request to rezone the land and create that vineyard, although not exactly the way Bruneel initially wanted it.

The Idaho Press reports that during the course of the council meeting, several members of the public testified against the vineyard being approved, specifically noting concerns about events that could be held at the vineyard and the noise, ruckus and traffic that could come with them.

According to Tamara Thompson, representing the applicant through The Land Group firm, Bruneel Vineyards will grow and process its own grapes on site.

The Ada County Highway District has been consulted about the access points and roads near the vineyard, Thompson said, and there are no concerns about traffic or vehicular access.

Most of the concerns were centered around the events center, not the actual winery or vineyard.

Ultimately, the council voted to approve Bruneel’s vineyard and winery but denied the event facility portion of his request.