Idaho Democrats hold caucus May 23

Idaho Democrats will hold their presidential nominating caucus on May 23, giving Democrats across the state the chance to vote for their party’s presidential nominee.

The caucus is new this year, and the Democrats are staging their caucus two days after the May 21 primary election.

Idaho Republicans already conducted their presidential nominating caucus on March 2.

The Idaho Capital Sun reports President Joe Biden has already secured enough delegates to clinch the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, however, Democrats will also vote on delegates to attend the Idaho Democratic Party’s summer convention.

There is at least one caucus site in every county and voters must attend a caucus site in the county they are registered to vote in.

In order to vote in the Democrats’ caucus, voters must be affiliated with the Democratic Party or be an unaffiliated voter, but voters cannot participate in the Democrats’ caucus if they already participated in the Republican’s presidential caucus.