When it comes to polite driving Idaho is #2

Congratulations, Idaho. You don’t have the most confrontational drivers in the United States. And that could be because it’s just not hot enough here. Arizona, on the other hand, is plenty hot. Consequently, or possibly coincidentally, the state with the most confrontational drivers is Arizona. That designation was discovered by the Forbes Advisor website. Forbes Advisor conducted a thorough survey of motorists across the country, and they asked people to comment on other drivers in their own states and in states they’ve visited. The survey found that Arizona’s roads can be very ugly places. One out of every five Arizona residents claims to have been purposely forced off the road by another driver at least once. Also, 56 percent of motorists in Arizona say that other drivers routinely block them on purpose when they want to change lanes. 81 percent of Arizona residents say they’ve been screamed at, insulted or threatened by other drivers. And one out of every three say that at some point, another driver has actually gotten out of his or her car to fight. In contrast, there’s Delaware. According to the Forbes Advisor survey, Delaware has the highest percentage of courteous drivers in America. Only five percent of Delaware residents say they’ve been forced off the road. That’s only one-fourth of Arizona’s percentage. In Delaware, only 11 percent say they’ve been purposely cut off while attempting to change lanes. That’s one-fifth of Arizona’s total. And in Delaware, only eight percent of drivers say they’ve been confronted by another driver on the road. That’s a tenth of Arizona. The other states in the top ten for most confrontational drivers are Rhode Island, West Virginia, Virginia, Oklahoma, Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, Texas and Ohio. So where does Idaho rank? Idaho is number two on the polite list, right behind Delaware. Rounding out the least confrontational top ten are South Dakota, Louisiana, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Washington, Iowa, Indiana and New Mexico.