A new candidate for Boise City Council

A new candidate for the Boise City Council has thrown his hat into the ring. Jeremy Gugino is a longtime volunteer and worker for the Idaho Democratic Party. Gugino will attempt to win the District 5 seat previously held by council president Holli Woodings. Woodings resigned three weeks ago and is moving to Washington DC. Gugino also is applying to Boise Mayor Lauren McLean to be appointed as the interim successor to Woodings until the next election is held November 7. Since 2017, Gugino has served as the communications director for the Idaho House and Senate Democrats and for Reclaim Idaho. During his six years of volunteer work for the Democratic Party, Gugino collected more than 2,000 signatures for the Medicaid Expansion and Quality Education initiatives. He also claims to have met with more than 30,000 Idaho voters while helping to promote various candidates and causes. Gugino worked to popularize and bring attention to legislation about sexual assault kits, first responders, hearing aids for deaf Idahoans, and quagga mussel infestation prevention. Through a press release, Gugino said, “The values I’ve fought for over the years represent the majority of the state of Idaho, and I intend to fight just as hard for the values of District 5 every day I’m in office. Boise City Council will be represented by districts for the first time ever, which means this city needs leadership familiar with every neighborhood in Boise. I am the only candidate who can say he has knocked doors in every Boise City Council district and listened to citizens’ concerns all over the city.”