Chad and Lori Daybell in court on several motions

Chad and Lori Daybell were in court on Thursday for a hearing on several issues.

The couple is facing murder charges in the death of Chad’s ex-wife and two of Lori’s children. Judge Boyce heard arguments from both sides on several issues before the court.

East Idaho News reports that Boyce denied Chad’s request for a delay citing Lori’s right to a speedy trial. Chad waived his, but Lori did not waive her right to a speedy trial. Judge Boyce decided the couple will be tried together in a ruling last year.

Judge Boyce denied the request to sequester a jury citing the length of the trial, which could go as long as two months, and finding a cross-section of society represented in the jury.

Lori’s request to meet with Chad in person was also denied. Boyce says the pitfalls of such meetings outweighed any conveniences.

The only thing left undecided from Thursday’s hearing is Lori’s motion to remove the death penalty from consideration. Judge Boyce heard arguments and says he will take them under advisement and issue a written ruling at a later date. Chad and Lori Daybell are facing murder and conspiracy charges in the death of Chad’s first wife and two of Lori’s children.