Fruitland Police continue to search home after new Michael Vaughan lead

Photo Courtesy: National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Fruitland Police along with other agencies that include Idaho State Police and the Homeward Bound Program began to search an area in Fruitland over the weekend – near where Michael Vaughan disappeared on July 27th, 2021.

Since the search began Saturday, police have blocked off Whitletail Ave. in Fruitland and police have excavated soil from a home near the area.

CBS 2 News reports, Fruitland Police Chief, J.D. Huff confirmed Sunday that they are following up on what he called, a very credible tip in the case of Michael Vaughan.

The child was just five years old when he disappeared around his home on July 27th, 2021. Since then police have followed up on thousands of tips however, this is the first time that a tip has led to a search warrant.

We will continue to follow this story and bring you more when it’s available.