UPDATE Worthington BLOG: The Governor Must Veto SB 1110

UPDATE 4/19/21

Governor Little signed SB-1110 into law Saturday, increasing restrictions on Idaho citizen initiative rights.  CBS 2 News reports, with this move, Idaho now has the most restrictive initiative rules in the nation.



By Rick Worthington



Governor Brad Little – please Veto SB 1110. Do not let the Idaho Legislature silence the people of Idaho.

I don’t step out of my lane too often, but I think this is a situation where the more people who voice a concern, the better.

The Idaho Legislature has approved a bill that is sure to make it nearly impossible for the people of Idaho to get a citizen initiatives on the ballot. Supporters of SB 1110 tell us the bill will benefit people in Idaho especially those in rural areas.  What it really does is grow the power of lawmakers, while reducing your ability to have any power in the lawmaking process.

If approved, SB 1110 would make it so all 35 (100%) of Idaho’s legislative districts need 6% of registered voters signatures to qualify an initiative for the Idaho ballot. This means if just 1 district can’t get the required 6%, nobody gets to vote on the issue. Essentially meaning only 1% of Idaho voters could sink and issue that 99% of Idaho voters want.

Governor Little it’s up to you so sort this out. Please, make the right choice.