Thank you Rush

Since 1988, Rush Limbaugh has been the standard bearer for conservative talk. He lit the torch and simultaneously saved talk radio in the process. No talk radio host can deny having some amount of their existence due to the roads cleared by Rush Limbaugh.

Rush chose KBOI to be his Boise affiliate radio station in 2008.

Growing his show to become the largest terrestrial radio show in the country, Rush entertained and informed generations of Idahoans.

Phrases like “drive-by media” and nicknames for politicians whom he disagreed with made their way in to the popular lexicon.

While competing for air time with callers across the country, the occasional KBOI listener would make it on to the Rush Limbaugh Program live, thus connecting Rush to Idaho and Idaho to the rest of the country’s insight on topics.

Making news on occasion for comments about the news of the day to his insight on NFL football, Rush’s career was among the first to cross media and technological boundaries.

KBOI will be airing “Rush tributes” between 10a and 1p Monday-Friday.

There will be no “replacing” Rush. No host could ever do that.

Any host who thinks they can must remember. Rush did it “with half his brain tied behind his back…just to make it fair.”

The thoughts and prayers of the KBOI staff are with the Limbaugh Family.

-Nate Shelman, Afternoon Host / Program Director, 670 KBOI-Boise