Worthington BLOG: The Battleground States

The Battleground States

By Rick Worthington



Idaho is a RED STATE. Very Red. I hereby am ready to call Idaho and it’s mere 4 electoral votes for Donald Trump and Republicans in the 2020 Presidential Election. I am not walking out on a limb, because Idaho is not a swing state, or Battleground State if you will. The Gem State, as everyone knows is not in question. This is why people in Idaho will not see either Trump or Biden in Idaho leading up to November 3rd. It’s not necessary.

So, where are the battleground states, and how do we know that?

The biggest battleground states are the places where there are lots of electoral votes up from grabs, and there are about as many registered Republicans as there are Democrats. States where neither party really has a district advantage. This time around, those states are:

Florida with 29 electoral votes – Trump won in 2016
Pennsylvania with 20 electoral votes – Trump won in 2016
Michigan with 16 electoral votes – Trump won in 2016
North Carolina with 15 electoral votes – Trump won in 2016
Arizona with 11 electoral votes – Trump won in 2016
Wisconsin with 10 electoral votes – Trump won in 2016.

I want to stress, these states are not the only swing states, but they represent the six states where it is going to be very competitive. There are two other states that could also be in play and are a pretty big deal. Those two states are: Texas with 38 electoral votes and Ohio with 18. By the way, Trump won both in 2016 too on his way to 306 electoral votes.

What makes this year any different than 2016? Nothing…Not in my opinion. It just simply comes down to which party does a better job getting out the vote.