Worthington BLOG: Don’t Judge Me For Opening My Business Early

Worthington BLOG: Don’t Judge Me For Opening My Business Early


By Rick Worthington

I’m not one to rebel or clash against the government. I believe in the rule of law, and abide by the law as best I can…for the most part. Yes, I’ve had a speeding ticket in my lifetime. I mean, I’ve been a law abiding citizen, just like you.

HERE IS WHAT I KNOW: This week, I earned a paycheck. My bills will be paid and I’ll put food on the table for my family.

I ALSO KNOW THIS: If I was not earning a paycheck or feeding my family – my outlook on current events would be different than they are now.

Please follow me down this hypothetical scenario in which I’m a business owner and left with the choice of defying the government shutdown or feeding my family. What choice you ask? Of course – you do what you have to do to keep bread on table. As a provider, there is no choice in the matter. It’s your responsibility, and impossible to ignore.

I am attempting to be honest with you here, as a man who has that responsibility. As a Father and Husband, I’m tasked with making ends meet. One way or the other, I’ve got to do that. So —- if my business was shutdown right now, and the government already told me they were not going to enforce the shutdown, my doors would probably be open. (Just like the many many others who are doing the same thing.)

I’m not saying it’s the ideal thing to do. I’m certainly not going to condemn or judge them for opening either. Let’s please agree on this; during difficult times, difficult decisions are made. Difficult decisions are easy to play armchair quarterback with.

To business owners who opened early – or are planning to open early, I hope you make it work. I also hope you do what you can to keep people safe, and appreciate that during a pandemic, you could inadvertently spread the virus and make things much worse in the long run.

Be cautious. Be smart. Protect your customers the best you can.