The National Media has discovered the Chad and Lori Daybell story

BLOG: The National Media has discovered the Chad and Lori Daybell story


By Rick Worthington



The Daybell/Vallow saga continues, and it’s going to get even more crazy and messy than it already is. It’s already pretty crazy, because 2 kids are still missing and several other people connected to the Daybell couple are already dead.

It just smells like Bonnie and Clyde, except this time Bonnie could be a serial killer mom, Clyde writes books about the end of the world, they run away to Hawaii together and religion is heavily involved. I mean – WOW!!! What a story! I’m not even going to be shocked if Magnum PI comes busting in on this one.



I predicted privately to a friend who works for an Idaho state agency a few weeks ago that this story was about to “blow up” into one of the biggest stories we have ever seen in this area. I mentioned it as a friendly “heads up” and I was right… As I’ve mentioned in Blogs prior to this, I’ve seen stories grow into a monster that can’t be controlled when the national media descends on a story. You know you’ve reached that point when reporters and cameras from cable networks start camping out on state agency lawns.

The first of the News Magazine TV programs is highlighting the case on Friday when it hits Dateline on NBC. (Note for couples – It’s NOT a great Valentine’s Day program option) This after the “Case of the ‘Doomsday Cult’ Mom” ran earlier this week on Dr. Oz. Click on the link below to see segments of the program.

I love a good story. I admit it. As much as I am cheering from the sideline that this story gets bigger – I am also reminded that two children are still missing. So before you get your popcorn ready, let’s all just pump the brakes a little, and remember what is involved in this real life tragedy that appears to be unfolding.  Let’s hold on to hope that JJ and Tylee are found safe!