Perception is reality – and on February 4th, 2020, Democrats never looked so inept

Photo Credit: CNN


BLOG:  Perception is reality – and on February 4th, 2020, Democrats never looked so inept

By Rick Worthington


I call it like I see it.  I’ve criticized the President in the past when I believed he deserved it, and I’m more than happy to send a harsh word to the Left when they deserve it, too.


Perception is reality.  I’ll say it a different way.  If it looks like something is true, then it’s true – as far as everyone is concerned.  The problem is, actual facts are often impossible to show and are easily explained away.  It’s a “show it to me” kind of world, and if you can’t change the way people perceive something, you can’t win them over.


Nancy Pelosi was on TV just as much as President Trump was during the State of the Union.  The President spoke to his base, and touted America’s economic strength, military power and international respect.  Pelosi spent the 90 minutes looking angry and in the end, childish as she tore up her copy of the President’s speech.


The optics were not good for Nancy Pelosi and not good for her party either in my opinion.


It was not a good look on a day where Democrats were getting beat up pretty bad around the country for what was a dumpster fire in Iowa, where the Iowa Caucus was an unmitigated disaster.  Where the blame goes for the Iowa Caucus problems are irrelevant, because the bottom line comes down to how it was perceived by the rest of America.


In my circle of friend who are either Independents or Democrats, here is how responded to my question:  How do Democrats look today?  Here is response I got from some of them.  “Unorganized.”  “An absolute failure.”  “Childish.”  “Nancy looks like sore loser.”


Some of my Democrat friends are also very Anti-Trump, and they heaped praise on Nancy Pelosi – but also agreed the Iowa Caucus was not how Democrats need to look right now, after the failed Impeachment of President Trump.