Coach Harsin: Just worry about the things that matter

Coach Harsin: Just worry about the things that matter

By Rick Worthington


The Mountain West made a sweetheart deal with Boise State a number of years ago when the Broncos agreed to stay in the MWC.  The deal was this:  Boise State could negotiate the TV rights to it’s home football games and keep the revenue for itself.  On top of that, BSU would still take it’s share of MWC TV contract money. But wait, the Broncos would also get an annual $1.8 million bonus.

That gives the Broncos a huge piece of the TV money pie, with every other team in the MWC just taking a fraction.

Love it or hate it, that was the deal the MWC cut with Boise State to keep them from jumping ship.  Skip ahead to last week, the MWC announced, from now on, there will be no more special contracts for Boise State home games. And no more bonus money.

It’s all going to court, and it’s out of Boise State Head Coach Bryan Harsin’s hands.  He recently told KTIK – he tries to just worry about the things that matter to his program. (Click the play button below to hear Coach Harsin)



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