Work is hard. I need less work and the same pay.

Seriously, go to your supervisor and tell them that. Then, step back and watch their reaction. They’ll either: (A) Smile, laugh and think you’re joking (B) Stare at you blankly as if your brain fell out through your ear during the night…or (C) Fire you.

Boise is growing folks. Our city is getting the right kind of attention from the entire country beyond the Blue Turf. Top 10 lists, etc. Boise is growing so much, that they’re looking for ways to increase their look. Four years ago, after $1.25 million dollars from the Albertsons Family Foundation, $300,000 of Boise City funds and $10,000 from the Tony Hawk Foundation, Rhodes Skate Park got a face lift. Ramps, landscaping, design, etc. When it opened, it was received attention from skate boarders, BMX riders and extreme athletes from all over the country. Extreme sports businesses, bars and food trucks were drawn to the area.

Then came “The X Games”. They came by the thousands. Seemingly inspired by the “Field of Dreams” whisper, “If you build it, they will come.” Sure, traffic was a pain for a weekend, but so is Treefort, construction, bridge closings, BSU traffic, Twilight Criterium, running races, basketball tournaments, marches, parades…wait a second… we are inconvenienced ALL THE TIME!

For three years, the Boise X-Games attendance grew. It was one of the shining examples of investing in parks & recreation and having that investment pay off.

For those of you that don’t know, events like these, and others, take effort. Traffic planning, security, construction coordination, EMS, water availability, toilet availability, etc. Yes, work is hard.

Then, I read that Boise Parks and Rec. needed a break from the hard work. Why? According to Channel 7, they were tired. (click here for story)

Are…you…freaking…kidding…me? (insert blank stare)

Boise, I’ll remember this when I’m asked for money for things. Told by the city what the city…”needs”. (library, stadium, streetcars, light rail, $$$$$$$ to purchase land to not develop thus raising the price of land that is able to be developed then crying for “affordable housing” or $$$$$$ for “affordable housing” that is actually more expensive than housing not developed with public money, more bike lanes…grrr….)

Listen, planning events is hard work. Do it right, you’ll get more events. More events = more work. More work = more $

Most of us don’t work for a boss where we can just…cancel our work and still get paid…the same…then…wait for it…tell that boss why us doing less work is a good thing.


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