Boise State makes all the 2020 “Way Too Early CFB Polls”


Worthington BLOG: Boise State makes all the 2020 “Way Too Early CFB Polls”

By Rick Worthington


Now that the College Football National Championship game is over and LSU has been crowned as 2019’s best team, everyone is falling all over themselves to put out a list of the top 25 for the 2020 season.

While I put no faith in these polls, they are at least worth a mention, as 670 KBOI is the Flagship for Boise State football.

The USA Today poll ranks Boise State #20. The ESPN poll has Boise State at #18. And the CBS Sports Poll has the Broncos at #20. (I’ve included the link to all 3 to save you time. Scroll down to find them.)

By the way, there are several more polls, but these are the ones I find will resonate with most.

The question I was asked is this: Why is Boise State ranked so high, with so many players leaving?

My answer is pretty simple. The Broncos need to reload, unlike other team in the MWC that have to rebuild. Granted, BSU has to reload a many key positions, but the recipe for success is already there. You can’t say that about most teams in the MWC. Also, some good teams in the MWC are going thru a coaching change. Therefore, I don’t think Hawaii, UNLV, New Mexico, Colorado State, Fresno State or San Diego State will be as good in 2020.

Watch out for Utah State, Wyoming and maybe Air Force in 2020. I think they could give Boise State some trouble in the year (years) ahead.

USA Today: