I Love Mike Kasper…But Sometimes He’s Just…Wrong

While some may celebrate Meridian’s dedication to automotive safety by passing a “Hands Free Ordinance”, I do not.

Driving any automobile is dangerous. Distractions are abound. Be it inside or outside the car. Screaming kids, eating, makeup application, shaving, pets, and your radio (not us, everyone else) to name a few from the inside. Then factor the outside distractions, sign wavers, LED billboards, anything that says “sale” and the list continues.

Yes, phones have been an added distraction for drivers in automobiles for decades. Yes, no one should be texting, surfing, browsing, while driving, but some do. Yes, all drivers (provided they have both) should have their hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel.

But why not ban all distracted behavior from inside the automobile?

Multi media centers…ban them

Talking…all talking…ban it

Air drumming and air guitar…ban it all and while we’re at it…

Radio…banned (again…not us…everyone else)

Kids? Why not! Ban them from inside the vehicle. Little kids cry too much and the older they get, the more annoying they can be. The trunk will do just fine.

Smoking & vaping…ban it as they take away a hand from the wheel.

I can go on, but you get where I’m going by now.

Here’s what needs to be “policed”:


Tailgating (this should be a felony)


Impeding traffic (stopped at a green light)

Changing lanes with out signaling (and not a fine, I think the death penalty should be applicable)

Horrific automotive accidents have been a part of our culture since there were two cars on a single road, and most accidents can be attributed to “lack of attention”. Opening the door for singular behavioral policing may feel good, but won’t solve the issue.

Some people can’t walk and chew bubble gum. Some people can’t talk and drive. Some people are easily distracted.

I enjoy working in the same building as Mike Kasper, but sometimes we disagree. This is one of those times.



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