BLOG: All In on Hank Bachmeier

Rick Worthington

BLOG: All In on Hank Bachmeier

Just speaking for myself, I’m very happy with the Broncos decision to start true Freshman, Hank Bachmeier at Quarterback on Saturday against Florida State. Yes, he certainly lacks experience, but I think his ability to throw the football will show why Coach Harsin chose Bachmeier to be the starter.

I also think starting the true freshman has a very positive impact on recruiting for the Broncos. Naming Bachmeier the starter shows other recruits the Boise State coaching staff really does want to win right now with the best players available, be that a 2 star recruit or a 4 star recruit. It’s all about who is the best player right now, and will that player help us win right now.

In years past, the mindset was more about playing upperclassmen, because they earned the right to play whether they were actually the best player or not. If competition was close, it was always the older guy that got the job. But not anymore. Today, you can be a fresh faced 19 year old kid, strait out of high school and take somebody’s job, if you are the better player.

They way I see it, players today don’t want to wait 2 years to get on the field, regardless of the program they are being recruited at. They want to play now!

Consider for a moment Boise State and (insert Pac-12 School here) are recruiting the same player at Wide Reciever. He can go to (Pac-12 School) and compete for the job against 4 and 5 star recruits and maybe get a chance to play by the time he is a Junior, or he can go to Boise State and have a chance to play right now. Recruits who want to play right now are going to come flocking to the Broncos, who have great TV exposure, good facilities, and win the majority of the games they play… Oh, and maybe even play in a big bowl game.

Watch and see. The Broncos are going to have more 4 start recruits, like Bachmeier on the roster again next season. And those guys are going to do nothing but help BSU do great things!