Mom’s deviled eggs, and other Independence Day memories

My parents did a wonderful job of exposing me to as much art and culture as possible growing up.

We didn’t picnic often, but when we did, we did it in style.

Just a simple family of 3, Mom Dad and me, would go to Blossom Music Center every July 4th to see the Cleveland Orchestra perform. Stars & Stripes Forever, Battle Hymn of the Republic, 1812 Overture (w/cannon) among other wonderful patriotic pieces.

Independence Day meal prep started July 1st. chicken, deli tray, bbq, whatever they decided. The meals always changed, but the constant was mom’s deviled eggs. Dad and I fought over them every year. We even tried to do it on our own, but Mom (who NEVER MEASURED ANYTHING) made them best.

Early in the day it was parades when I was little, baseball as I got older, but I knew how the day was going to end. Music and fireworks…and Mom’s deviled eggs.

Enjoy your Independence Day. Stay safe, eat well, celebrate our country.