BLM Working on Fire Breaks, But You Can Help Mitigate Fire Risk

Boise (670 KBOI News) – While fire season has yet to officially kick off, it’s getting warmer and drier, and the Bureau of Land Management is getting ready for what could be an intense season.

Lance Okeson with the BLM says they’re busy building fire breaks, either by clearing lanes through cheat grass and sagebrush, or by planting fire resistant vegetation along roads.

“If you move up and down the interstate between here and Mountain Home, you’ll see all the disc lines, next to the road,” said Okeson.  “Some of those are on private property, and have been there for years and years.  The newer ones are actually ones we’re putting in disc lines, to prep the site, for later planting of vegetation that would be more resistant to fire.”

But Okeson says you are the best defense against human-caused fires. He reminds you to make sure your trailer chains aren’t dragging on the ground, which creates sparks which can set off fires along roads.

He also says you need to make sure your wheel bearings are well-packed with grease, and the spark arrestors on your dirt bikes and ATVs are working properly.

— Jay Howell, 670 KBOI