West Nile Positive Mosquito Caught in Canyon County Trap

Parma (670 KBOI News) – It’s almost summer, and it’s getting warmer…that means West Nile season is at hand.

Ed Burnett with the Canyon County Mosquito Abatement District says they’ve actually found the first positive mosquito of the season, so it’s game time.

“It turned up southwest of Parma, by the Oregon line, over by the Roswell Marsh area,” said Burnett.  “We’re gonna be out there doing some night time treatments, which is fogging around for the area around that, and also doing some mosquito larvicide work.”

Burnett says the chemicals are very low toxicity, and used in such low concentrations they’re as safe as possible around people and animals…just not so much for mosquitoes.

He says now’s when you should start making a habit of changing out your birdbath water every day, and get rid of standing water on your property, to keep skeeters from breeding in your yard.