“Consumer Guilt” Affecting Americans’ Buying Decisions

Boise (670 KBOI News) – When you go to the grocery store or go shopping for clothes, do you care about the political causes your favorite brand of dish soap contributes to?

According to a survey from promotional marketing company CrestLine.com, 2/3 of the 2,100 people they surveyed — in 25 large cities — said yes, they do.

Analyst Cindy Glover says most people want their products to be non-toxic, and humane to animals, but other things aren’t so important.

“There are a lot of things to care about, and when we stacked things up against each other, ‘Made In America’ was on the lower end, as was ‘Fair Trade’,” said Glover.  “‘Small Business’ and “Locally Owned’ were higher.  I think people feel more connected to their community, than to the country as a whole.”

“Non-GMO” and “Organic” scored at the bottom of the list of things people looked for when deciding what to buy.

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