Worthington BLOG: Should I Leave the Republican Party?

Worthington BLOG: Should I Leave the Republican Party?

Rick Worthington



I look at the “old republican guard” and it’s refusal to modernize and catch up with the rest of the country. I find new blood and new ideas are badly needed.

I support government that it is accountable to the people and does what the people ask it to do. I find it increasingly hard to understand why some republican lawmakers are angry with voters who wanted Medicaid expansion. I find it increasingly hard to understand why some republican lawmakers are trying to make it harder for the people to have a say in it’s government.

I’m talking about Senate Bill 1159, which would tighten the requirements for citizens initiatives to make it onto the ballot. Current Idaho law says, an initiative requires 6-percent of voters sign petitions in 18 of 35 legislative districts. Under 11-59, that would change to 10-percent from 32 districts. The republican plan is harder to pull off, and thus makes it harder for voters to put an initiative on the ballot.

Republicans are NOT united on the legislation, with several offering some serious push back. Democrats are united and firmly against the bill.

I have another problem that is also hard to choke down. Republicans are changing the rules on the Medicaid legislation, and are attempting to add riders to the bill, calling on recipients to have mandatory work requirements and other restrictions. That was not what voters asked for. Once again, the “old republican guard” is at work here. Even republican Sen. Fred Martin, the original sponsor of SB 1204, withdrew his sponsorship and support of the bill after the Senate amended it to tack on the work requirements.

One more problem: I can’t understand why Idaho lawmakers refuse to allow Hemp to be grown. Idaho is an Agriculture driven state and farmers want to grow Hemp. (THEY WANT IT BAD!) There are so many uses for Hemp and it’s so profitable for farmers it’s ridiculous to understand why you wouldn’t want it to be growing like crazy all over the state! You could smoke enough Hemp Cheech and Chong style, and never get high. If you rolled up a fat Bob Marley zig-zag full of Hemp, you won’t get so much as a buzz.

I just don’t get it. I might still be a republican when the next election rolls around – but I can promise I won’t be voting for the same the “old republican guard.”