Do You Support CBD Oil Use in Idaho?

Do you support the legalization of cannabis extract — cannabidiol, also known as CBD? If you don’t, you are now in the minority. Not that you should care about that…

I guess I understand the argument that the legalization of CBD Oil is an endorsement of Marijuana. I disagree, but understand.

We have always been told things like: burning tree is no good for me… Hippie Lettuce is a fiery salad you don’t need. Stay away from Ol’ Sparky, or you will get burned! I made those up just now, but I think all the anti drug stuff you heard probably amounts to that.

Did you know, last week, federal health advisers endorsed CBD for the treatment of severe seizures in children with epilepsy. The 13-member FDA panel voted unanimously in favor of the experimental medication.

Some also use it for a variety of conditions including anxiety, insomnia and depression.

I have a very close friend who suffers from PTSD after serving in Iraq, and he absolutely swears by it’s effectiveness. Not because he is looking to get high, but because he needs relief, which he says CBD Oil provides.

Here is my point. (and prediction) Progress can be delayed, but it’s hard to stop. In the end, CBD is coming to Idaho. Not today and maybe not tomorrow, but it will happen.