Cleveland Doesn’t Rock

Yes, I too believe in the first amendment. As a life long Browns fan, I’ve been ridiculed and have been made fun of. Who could root for a team that doesn’t win. Red Right 88, The Fumble, The Drive, The Move, The Return. A team that has led me to meeting a woman that will be my wife. Spending money on gear and tickets to last year’s only win! Who would root for them?
I did.
In this country where we can protest peacefully, so can I. After standing with you Browns through few good times and many bad, I can say that I will no longer root for you or represent as a Browns fan until you stand for that flag.

My flag, your flag, our flag.

That flag that represents the entire country as much as the jerseys you wear and that tax payer funded stadium represents all of Cleveland. Yes, as a former resident of Cleveland, Ohio, I can honestly say I helped build that stadium. Respect and honor those who focus and strive to make this country free for all rather than the negative few. As I have for you, as many more have for this country.

This isn’t a call for others to protest nor boycott. This is just one fan not standing for you.

Nate Shelman

Current KBOI Boise afternoon host

Former Cleveland Browns Radio Network Coordinator 1999