Any Given Sunday

The Atlanta Falcons, who won the first half of last year’s Super Bowl, have a brand-new stadium opening this year.  Among the places inside the stadium to get food is a Chik-fil-A kiosk.  That makes sense, because Chik-fil-A’s world headquarters are in Atlanta.

But here’s what doesn’t seem to make sense.  Like all Chik-fil-A locations, for religious, fundamentalist Christian reasons, this kiosk will be closed on Sundays.  Sundays are the days when most of the Atlanta Falcons games are played.  So the Chik-fil-A inside the new Atlanta Falcons stadium won’t be open during Atlanta Falcons games.

The chicken sandwich kiosk will be open for just one Falcons game this season, and that happens Thursday night, December 7th against the New Orleans Saints, which is not a Sunday.  And Chik-fil-A will be open and available for any event held in the new stadium that isn’t held on Sunday, including college football games, concerts and conventions.

So what do you do if you really, really, really want a chicken sandwich at an Atlanta Falcons game on Sunday?  Easy.  Just go to the regular stadium snack bar.  Among the burgers, hot dogs, popcorn, soda, nachos and candy, you’ll find this item:  the “Closed on Sunday” chicken sandwich.  It’s not made by Chik-fil-A, because their owner does not compromise an inch.  But it is a real chicken sandwich, and it’s still supposed to be pretty good.  Not Chik-fil-A good, but good.