Memory Room

This room was known as “The middle bedroom” in my parents house.


It was my first room. My crib was in the corner. 2 dressers were along the outside wall.

I outgrew the crib. Trophies replaced baby stuff. The dressers stayed.

When my grandpa moved in, this was his room. He didn’t have many things and requested to keep my trophies in his room.

Grandpa passed in ’88. The room sat uninhabited for years. The dressers, still there acquired more stuff.

Sometime in the early 2000’s, my mom required a hospital bed. She moved in. A large TV sat atop one of the dressers, family pictures added to the dusty trophy collection. While Dad had a TV in the living room, he’d move a chair in the doorway and they’d watch together.

Due to health, Mom moved into a facility a couple years ago. Dad still watched that TV in her room.

Over the past 3 days, this room is now clear. The trophies that once were atop the tall dresser, put in a box and place at the curb. The pictures that were left will either go into their places or back to Boise with me. Each drawer packed full of my baby stuff, more pictures, more memories.

This room served as more of a meeting place than any other room in the house.

Thank you room.