Always Man’s Best Friend

I have always been a dog owner. I love dogs, consider them family, the only time Ihaven’t really owned a dog was when I was attending college. Even then I owned a dog, it just stayed with my parents.

My Golden Retriever, Bear, turned 10 the other day. His AKC name is Harley’s Lil Dozing Bear, but he is just Bear to us. Bear is getting grey around the eyes and muzzle, and has gained weight and lost energy in the last couple of years, but he still is spry for his age and just a joy to be around. My wife Tam and I also have a Great Pyrenees, named Cub, who just turned four. 

We are currently on a three dog winning streak, all are in the running fpr the “best dog ever”. The first dog in the latest streak was Boo. Boo was a boxer who got her name because she was born on Halloween. She was the kindest dog ever and ran the family when our daughter Nat was young. Boo took it upon herself to house break Bear, who we got when Boo was four. We have a dog door at our house and Boo taught Bear how to use it and what it was for. No housebreaking problems here. 

 Boo got Cancer and died when she was five. We figured that since Bear had never been alone, we should get him another companion. After awhile we got Cub, who was a cutest little white fur ball. Bear took over for Boo and house broke Cub, showing him the ropes. Bear and Cub together made up for the absence of Natalie, who was now off to college.

 I was feeling down and missing Natalie the other day when Bear came over and put his head in my lap. It was as if he was saying, “don’t worry you still have us”. Looking over Bear’s shoulder and Cub was watching us. That moment again solidified the fact that I will never be dog less. Why change a great thing.  It just wouldn’t be the same coming home to a house without the energetic dog greeting.