Survey Says!

Not  sure I trust surveys anymore after I read one this morning that said the five best states in which to retire are New Hampshire, Colorado, Maine, Iowa and Minnesota. Really, I am sure a lot of really good people live in those places, but I can’t imagine a 20 something plotting out his life with his goal of “if only some day I can be solvent enough to retire in New Hampshire”. Not at gunpoint. Once the final golden leaf has fallen in Autumn, Siberia sets in for four months. Not me brother.

While wandering through the internet later yesterday I found a bunch of people trying to answer the question of what bothered them most about their co workers. It must be stated that I work very early in the morning, so if I complain about any co-workers, they would know who they are, not gonna do it.

A half dozen complaints dominated the question. Tops appeared to be those who stop by your desk to tell you they just sent you an email. Definitely no necessary, especially when they stand there until you read it. Cooking nasty stuff in the microwave, playing loud music, talking too loud on the phone, snitching to the boss and clipping your fingernails were also big. 

My favorite, though, was people who start uninvited conversations with you at your desk. At first this seems like a genuine complaint, but if they can’t start a conversation with you, then you can’t start a conversation with them. So nobody can talk to anybody. Dead silence all day. But, if you can’t talk, it leaves plenty of time to cook up some fish in the microwave, clip your fingernails and cue up some Paper Lace to share with everybody while you look over those New Hampshire brochures.