Don’t Take Me Out To The Ballgame

I love baseball. I love the game, the drama, and their cathedrals. From the dirt fields bathed in imagination to the major league monoliths created by dreams, I love baseball.

I root for certain teams, but they’re not “mine”. I wear various caps and jerseys, but I’m not a player or an employee. I purchase a ticket, permission to enter and occupy an assigned seat for a specific game for which I can witness first hand.

It’s not “my team”. I don’t own them.

A multi-million (maybe billion) dollar company owns them. A development company owns them. A multi-million dollar (maybe billion) dollar company owns the land where they wish to play.

Why should any of our public money be used to build them a stadium? Why should that money, which in part is directed toward city services, public safety and education, be diverted in part to help 2 multi-million dollar companies build a structure they can build on their own?