So Glad For Only 28 Days

The first week of February may be my least favorite week of the year. Apologies to those who like the month, who were born then etc. etc., but I find it depressing.

The first week in February is probably the worst week for television with the exception of the Super Bowl. I have a theory that so many people watch the Super Bowl because they haven’t seen anything of worth for weeks. The Winter TV series are over, the Spring shows haven’t started yet, and, unless you are hooked on awards shows, ain’t nuttin on.

It is still ten days until pitches and catchers report. A month until Spring Football and two months until a glimmer of a 70 degree day in Boise.  The greyness and snow of this Winter has made February seem even  longer, everyone knows I am not a fan of the snow, got nothing against those who like it, but it is not my thing. Yesterday I was asked if I wanted to go to the McCall Winter Carnival. Wow, go hang around in the snow in the mountains, what a treat. I think I may have gotten out of it by saying I had so much great TV  to watch.