Walking In A Winter Wonderland

It takes a Winter like the present one to make one appreciate the Winters we usually have here in Southwestern Idaho. Members of the press have tagged this year as Snowmagedden, and have even gone so far as to embroider patches to put on your clothing noting that you survived this Winter.

The weather actually reminds me of Northern Illinois where I grew up. We would have two or three “blizzards” a year. Nearly every year featured a white Christmas and snow on the ground well into February. Here in the Boise area it is not unheard of to go a decade without snow on the ground for the holidays.

I find memories coming back from my youth, the biggest of which is boredom. I remember how bored we used to get as kids when you were housebound because of cold, snowy weather. We would have to invent things to do because all of this happened before smart phones, IPADS and other electronic gadgets that keep today’s young people busy.  Spring was a big deal in those days because it came suddenly, didn’t slip up on you gradually like its does here.

The boredom is setting in after 35 days of snow and very cold weather. My wife, who loves Winter has had enough, I have had more than enough, and even my dogs are bored with the season.  I have two very big dogs in an average sized house and they demand attention. My wife finished walking them a half hour ago, and they are sitting in front of me staring, ready to do ANYTHING. I am fully understanding why many animals hibernate in the Winter. They are trying to hurry the arrival of Spring.