Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss?

What does a new Presidential administration mean for talk radio?


Hopefully, nothing new! 

While I cannot speak for all hosts, a new “republican” President brings its own challenges:

Holding President Trump to the same level of criticisms as President Obama. Uses of executive orders, spending, military involvements, national security, general behaviors, health insurance, illegal immigration, Planned Parenthood funding, gun rights, and that’s just a start! 

Under the overall title of “conservative” there are many subtitles. Neo, fiscal, social, limited, and so on. Donald Trump’s allure is that he really doesn’t fit into any one particular category.


National hosts and local hosts have different challenges. While I cannot speak to how Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and Mark Levin will handle every day’s show, I can guess that they’ll be rooting for his success as opposed to rooting for his failures. Guessing aside, talk radio listeners may have forgotten that these same hosts were heavily critical of George W. Bush’s spending, Patriot Act, incursions into Iraq, etc. 


As for me, it will always be an issue by issue basis. I talk about the news. I talk about the issues. I do not endorse, campaign or donate to any candidates. I do not belong to any political party. On some issues, I may be labeled liberal and on others I may be labeled conservative. It depends on the issue and the person listening.


I have not made a career just criticizing Obama, I’ve made a career criticizing politicians. All politicians, law makers, lobbyists, any and every part of the public sector.  The way it should be.


For me, nothing changes with a new President.