Everyday Life Dichotomy

Last night, I watched my 3rd KISS concert. I loved almost every minute of it. Almost.

Before the concert, I had discussed the past 2 shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana with Boise Police Chief Bill Bones and you. We talked. We vented.

I had made plans to go to the concert to see one of my all-time favorite bands rock Taco Bell Arena. pyro, flying, theatrics, all of it was the show I had expected.

I got a news alert of shots fired in Dallas and officers dead right before curtain dropped. At that moment, reality had crept into my fantasy, my escape. I enjoyed the concert as best as I could, but I started to doubt myself.

Was I watching Nero fiddle?

Don’t get me wrong. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are great entertainers, but not emperors of any land. However, I willfully chose to watch a concert knowing what was going on around me.

Is Rome burning?

Obviously, exchange Rome for the United States of America. Are we burning? Are we allowing ourselves to burn or are we being burnt by outside forces against our will? These questions are constant across a number of different models. My answer:


Violence, hardship, prosperity, etc all has historical ebbs and flows. This country isn’t any closer to total destruction today than we were 2 weeks, 2 years or 20 years ago. In fact, as of today July 8, we may actually be stronger than we were 3 days ago. We’re questioning. We’re communicating. We’re all damn tired of mourning and arguing over senseless deaths.

In the end, I’m reminded of another saying:

“We must live by the living; not by the dead.”

Enjoy your concerts, vacations, sports, picnics, friends and family. Keep questioning. Keep communicating. Cry, laugh, scream, shout. Do no harm.

Yes, one can do all of the above simultaneously.