Dietrich High School Sexual Assault Suspect Has Preliminary Hearing Changed


An Idaho judge judge has approved delaying a preliminary hearing for a white football player accused of sexually assaulting a black, disabled teenager.

The Times News reports, 18-year-old John Howard will have a preliminary hearing on July 29th instead.

Howard and 17-year-old Tanner Ward are accused of sexually assaulting another teenager with a coat hanger at Dietrich High School last year.

Both are charged with felony penetration by use of a foreign object.

KBOI 2 TV reports, the victim’s attorney released a poem the victim wrote while in the hospital.

“The worlds not used to people like me. They still have Hitler within their hearts. They think that being different is a sign of weak and bullying can get them far. But what society doesn’t know is that a kicked in hanger can bruise and penetrate the heart.
It leaves you walking on a stub because of the burden put on you by the people that you thought you once loved. The worlds not use to people like me. Like Alex, it likes to pound you to the ground and lock the door for your opportunity and leave you helpless without a sound. Why lord does this happen to us? Send us to earth to be sent to the back of the bus.”

(Poem credit-KBOI 2 TV)