In Like A Lion?

March is always my favorite month of the year. I go to Arizona for Spring Training and hanging around in the sunshine, then head back to Idaho as the weather is warming up. This year we decided to be smart and build a new fence in our back yard and put down some new sod for our Great Pyrenees, Cubby, to trash.

We arrived home late Saturday night in a driving rainstorm. The dogs were at the kennel, so we had the house to ourselves. As we turned on the back porch light and walked out into the back yard, we were shocked to see that the old fence had been torn down, but the new fence had not been put up in its place. Besides the unwanted views into our neighbors yard, there was nothing to hold our two big dogs in the yard.

The culprit, it appears, was the weather, it rained most of the time were gone.  So we now have the two largest house dogs in Foothills East.

Arizona, as usual, was clear and warm with temperatures in the upper seventies and low eighties. The baseball was good and we sat with great fans including Frank Laydon, the former Utah Jazz Coach. He is one of the funniest humans ever. Still doing motivational speaking and delivering clever zingers to everyone within range.

Now it appears we must do some penance.  The weather for the next several days is supposed to be cold and wet. Not too wet, we hope, to finish our fence.