Walk On The Wild Side

Mall walking season is just about over. Every Spring when the fancy dresses are stocked for prom, you know it is time to head back outdoors for your 10,000 steps a day. Like the seasons outdoors, the make up of the mall changes as the months pass.

I usually head indoors just before Halloween, when the stores are displaying Jack O Lanterns and corn stalks, the store shelves are stocked with Sweaters and heavy coats for the upcoming Winter season. The household goods stores have Thanksgiving themed dishes and tablecloths, ready for major parties.

Next up is the Christmas season with the now crowded mall playing for those perfect Christmas gifts. The sports stores are loaded with football apparel, followed by bowl themed sweats. The best time to walk the mall is in January and February when the shoppers are few and the post Christmas sales are the draw.

Last week, my wife and I noticed that the department stores and clothing stores were featuring prom dresses, a sure sign that spring and warmer weather are on the way. Got to vacate before the shorts and tank tops rule the shelves. See you next October.