When An Open Date Is A Good Thing!

My wife, Tam, and Ii got married on November 6, 1987 in Reno, Nevada on the night before a football game. The Broncos won that game, prompting BSU Coach Skip Hall to joke that we should get married before every game in Reno.

When Boise State had an open date a couple of weeks ago, we did what we always do, we went to a football game. Our daughter, Natalie lives in Austin Texas, and the Longhorns were at home, so we decided to go.   The November 7th game was fun and it was great to see the promotion that is Texas football. Great stadium, great band, Big Bertha and a tremendous video board with great production. All the bells and whistles overshadowed the game, which was a blowout. Just like Boise State, many in the crowd left at halftime, never to return.

The weird thing about the whole weekend happened n the airport on the trip down. While waiting for the plane, I got a ping on my phone, it was a friend wishing us happy anniversary.  Neither one of us was aware that it was our special day. I showed Tam the phone and we wished each other Happy Anniversary. That was better than a few years ago when we didn’t realize we had missed our anniversary until a week after the fact.