Vacation All I Ever Wanted

I just returned from a week in Playa Del Carmen. It was an easy trip and we had loads of fun. It has been awhile since I was in Mexico. Just like I remembered, when you land, you set your clock back 40 years.

There are some strange thing about Mexico, the police ALWAYS had their lights on, ALWAYS. The roads are engineered so that they flood if it rains a tenth of an inch. They have stop lights on the freeway, and even worse, murderous speed bumps, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREEWAY.

In town there are no street signs, and they closed the roads, all of them, near our condo, every day at four o’clock naturally we arrived at six. After trying to get to our place for an hour, we knew where it was. We drove down two closed streets, then went two blocks, the wrong way, down a one way street to reach our destination

There are really no computers at the rental car places, they walk you from one place to another. There is really no internet to speak of, no cell phone service withoutaying a fortune, no American TV channels. Is it even possible to live for eight days without, TV, Internet, and cell phone service. We will tell you in our next blog.