Ido Aharoni to Newsmax: Biden Likely Told to Avoid Israel in NATO Speech

President Joe Biden was likely told by his advisers not to mention Israel in his speech opening the NATO summit in Washington, D.C., former Israeli consulate ambassador Ido Aharoni told Newsmax on Wednesday.

“I think he’s just following the advice of his advisers who are telling him Israel is divisive,” Aharoni said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America,” adding that Biden was likely told that Israel is controversial and that he has a problem with younger voters when it comes to supporting the United States ally.

“It’s a mistake,” said Aharoni. “A recent study by Harvard University, a Harris Poll, a recent study by Pew, a recent study by Axios, they all indicated close to 80% of the American people put the blame squarely on Hamas. So panicking because of a few campus protesters is the wrong conclusion.”

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