Idaho encampment lawsuit dismissed

A lawsuit against Idaho has been dismissed as Governor Little praises the judge’s decision.

An activist group filed a lawsuit challenging the state’s right, and the governor’s authority to remove an encampment from public property.

Governor Little directed the Department of Administration to file a lawsuit in march of 2022 to stop illegal public camping and the associated health and safety violations taking place on state property. Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, individuals started clearing out of the encampment and the state removed abandoned tents, garbage, and other harmful waste.

In April of 2022, public encampment advocates filed a lawsuit challenging the state’s actions. A judge’s decision earlier this month granted the Governor’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

“It is unfortunate activists chose to take advantage of vulnerable members of our community and encouraged the illegal activity while resources are available nearby to help these individuals,” Governor Little added. “Combatting public encampments serves the best interests of all Idahoans.”