Another award, spring training…ya know…your usual retirement

I have been retired for more than a month now, and people constantly ask me how it feels. It feels great, but I keep finding subjects that I would love to talk about on the air. Subjects that get my blood moving still pop up from time to time. Outside of a quick trip to Scottsdale, Arizona, I have pretty much stayed at home during the first month. A busy holiday season was followed by just getting used to having no scheduled things to do.

It is true that it is easy to not know what day of the week it is. In my working days Mondays were to be dreaded, now they are just another day. I am not a fan of cold weather, so I am looking for excuses to head South. My daughter, Natalie, has a new job and a new apartment in Austin, Texas. My wife, Tam and I will head down next month to help her get settled in her new place.  I plan on spending most of March in Arizona for major league baseball’s Spring Training. I have weddings, more trips, a sports award which I won in North Carolina, etc. etc. I may even mow the lawn once or twice.

The people of Boise have been great. Most everyone seems genuinely interested when they ask how I am doing. I am fine, keep asking. I will be checking in through blogs and other means in the future. Congrats to Mike for stepping in seamlessly to my old spot on the air, and Chris and Rick are doing great, as always.