Real Life Kitchen Crashers

Today marks the beginning of my fifth week without a kitchen. We had been thinking about redoing our kitchen for several years and finally decided to pull the trigger. somewhere in my mind the time frame of seven to ten days was present. Hey, no problem, we could do without for that period of time.

The first indication that it might take a little more time was when one of our new cabinets was broken on arrival, the installer said it could be awhile before a replacement arrived. The next indication was when the floor installers arrived before the floor did. A week here and a week there and time just flies by.

Now the floor is installed, the cabinets are in except for the broken one, and the countertops are slated to be installed this week. The broken cabinet will not be here for another couple of weeks. The plumber is still a ways off, so although we can see the light, we are not out of the tunnel.

So the days of no water, no dishwasher, no sink, no stove, etc. continue. Add the fact that are kitchen table, chairs, etc. are scattered throughout the house have made for a long, long summer. I will finish this as soon as I go back to the bathroom to get some water to make some coffee. You know, some of that microwave food is not that bad.