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Uncle JimmyBiography

Story Teller, Thinker, Prankster, Entrepreneur, and Self-Proclaimed Therapist!

Known to his Friends and Family as Jimmy, this young man was born talking and dances to the beat of his own drummer.  If you have something interesting to say… well than Jimmy wants to hear it! 


The later part of his childhood, teens, and adult years would be spent living in Orange County California.  It is there Jimmy met his High School Sweetie and Wife.  The two would go on to experience everything life has to offer together.  Starting at just 18, they would build a few businesses from the ground up but always making time for the sweet things in life, including the sweetest of all, becoming a Family with the birth of their amazing Son!


During those early years, Jimmy spent many of his weekends working in Los Angeles for top talk show giants, KFI AM 640 and 790 KABC.  Talk Radio has been a passion that has never stopped burning inside.  Never afraid to ask the tough questions most people shy away from, Jimmy believes that his straight forward approach is truly a lost art in today’s soft culture!  Uncle Jimmy is a lover of all things Idaho and has lived with his family in the Treasure Valley for almost 14 years now. 


Insightful opinion, compelling and unique show topics, thought provoking guest and plenty of laughs along the way.  As a listener, you will get the “The Uncle Jimmy Show” promise, too never be bored when you’re listening to me!  


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Worthington BLOG:  Back to School

Worthington BLOG: Back to School

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Idaho traveling memories

Idaho traveling memories

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Worthington BLOG: Closing in on Football season 2018

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Worthington BLOG: Why are we fighting again?

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