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Uncle JimmyBiography

Story Teller, Thinker, Prankster, Entrepreneur, and Self-Proclaimed Therapist!


Who is Uncle Jimmy

Uncle Jimmy was born talking!  From an early age, his parents knew he was going to be a handful with unlimited energy and a fearless approach to life.  Always asking questions and always trying to figure out, what makes the wheels go round and round?

Uncle Jimmy is an extremely passionate man that has always been attracted to honest genuine people in life.  This goes back to his Italian Immigrant Grandmother who loved with all her heart and stood for what’s right not what’s popular or politically correct.  She wasn’t afraid to speak the truth, even if it meant angering others.  As you will notice by listening to The Uncle Jimmy Show, Jimmy takes pride in calling things for what they truly are!

Life has been good for the most part, you will see that not hiding from the hard times and difficult situations in life, is one of Uncle Jimmy’s deep passions.  Life is not easy and Uncle Jimmy knows this reality first hand and doesn’t mind sharing his triumphs, struggles and solutions over the years.

The show concept “Uncle Jimmy” is based around the family member you always needed but never had.  Jimmy wants to help guide you through life and avoid the nonsense you don’t need to have in it.  The show does all of this, while keeping it’s listeners up on current events, local issues and what’s happening in today’s pop culture world.  Don’t worry, you will get plenty of laughs along the way.  Humor, sarcasm and comedy will always be part of the show.

Let’s not forget the shows Sports expert and frequent side kick live in studio Nick Sparks. “Nick’s Picks” talks Sports with a refreshing style you have not heard anywhere else.  Nick covers the sports world from the back to the front!  You will be intrigued even if sports didn’t turn your crank before!

The show’s Tag Line is…. Life, Advice & Entertainment and that’s the real core of the show.  Helping people connect, discussing issues and topics that people really care about, entertaining and making you laugh are what The Uncle Jimmy Show is all about.  Uncle Jimmy & the Gang are Live taking your calls every Saturday night from 7 to 10pm.  Please join us!


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