Worthington BLOG: Crazy theory or simple answer?

Worthington BLOG:  Crazy Theory or simple answer?


Did the President of the United States collude with Russia to get elected?

That is a huge question! Fortunately, we have an answer. It cost millions of dollars to get the answer, but we have it. The simple answer is no, the President did not collude with Russia to get elected. The Mueller report says it very clearly. This is not in question.

However, the report does say that Russia most certainly did interfere with the election in a very large and real way. You could defiantly say some of that interference helped Trump, even if he had nothing to do with it. (and I don’t think he did – but that’s just my opinion)

What does that mean, exactly?

It could mean — Russia did it all on their own for no other reason than to mess with our election system.

I’ll give you what I think is the real reason Russia did what they did. It’s real simple. Vladamir Putin HATES Hillary Clinton. I’m not kidding. Putin and Clinton have never gotten along, and I think he just wanted to stick it to an adversary and make sure she lost.  Maybe so he would not have to deal with her anymore.  Maybe because he was just being vindictive.  Maybe both of those things!

Did you even know that Putin and Clinton were feuding? It’s pretty well documented. I just did a simple Google search “putin and hillary” and just watch all the articles come up about the hostilities between the two.

I ran my “Revenge/Hate Putin theory” by a friend of mine, who shook his head and said, “that’s just to simple to be true.”

I find real life usually is about pretty simple things that have simple answers.

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