The “guns-in-school” issue fix is simple

Let me clarify. This idea does not stop bullying, fix mental health issues, address pharmaceutical issues, increase morality, solve the never ending adolescent issues of hormones, heartbreak, jealousy or self- confidence. It only solves one issue. It also does not solve the issue of crimes that may occur in parking lots, sidewalks, movie theaters, night clubs, malls, concerts with adjacent high-rise buildings, or anywhere else. In fact, it doesn’t solve any desire to commit any crime. Fights will still break out. Names will still be called. Sadly, other instruments may be used as weapons. Furthermore, this will not address any issues at home, address racial & socio-economical divides, bring world peace, or address educational performance. However, it will prevent weapons from entering a school.

Allow me to use Century Link Arena, Taco Bell Arena or Albertson’s Stadium as examples. 3 facilities, multiple entrances, thousands of people, many events. Locked doors, security guards (some armed, most not) and metal detectors. Do you feel like you’re in a prison? Probably not.

First step. I say first step because most schools already lock their doors from outside entry except for the “main entrance” and most already have a School Resource Officer (SRO) or two.

Metal detectors with guards (police, security, etc.). All hours, all events. Yes, it will be costly. Metal detectors range from $3K-$4K per unit.  Multiply that times 975 Idaho public High Schools, Middle Schools, Elementary Schools, Alternative Schools, football stadiums, basketball games, performances, after-hours activities. Multiply that times 2 guards per metal detector…per hour. I ballpark this at well over $100 million.

Kids then should have clear bags. Again, like stadiums. Make it a requirement of their school year’s supply list.

I should note at this point, I loathe all of these ideas. I loathe the many underlying behaviors causing this reaction.

Should school districts decide to arm teachers, fine. Just like anything, training is a necessity. Remember, the teachers are the last line of defense. Schools have their shooter drills, lockdown drills and evacuation plans in place now. I’m trying to prevent the weapons from entering the building in the first place.

Yes, the inconveniences will be many. Long lines, waits, frustrations, anxieties, not to mention the financial burden of the state and districts.

This idea does not involve new laws. This idea does not infringe upon anyone’s freedoms. Again, in comparison, there have been NO SHOOTINGS AT MAJOR LEAGUE BALLPARKS also of note, NO SHOOTINGS AT SCHOOLS THAT HAVE METAL DETECTORS.

And for you snowflakes that wish to not “turn schools into prisons”, I don’t feel like I’m in prison when I go to a game.

Again, this idea is to keep the weapons from getting INTO THE SCHOOL. If you have a better and more effective idea, I’m all ears.


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