City of Boise Taking Nominations for Good Neighbor Awards

Boise (670 KBOI News) – Do you have a neighbor who’s always doing good deeds for others? May a local civic group or business has done good work for your neighborhood? If so, now’s the time to say thanks.

Boise City Spokesman Mike Journee says good neighbors make good neighborhoods, which make a good city.

“Our neighborhoods are kind of the backbone of our success, and our livability,” said Journee.  “The uniqueness of each one…it comes down to the kind of neighbor that we all have.  So, the Mayor wants to recognize those contributions people make to their neighborhoods through these awards.”

They’re taking nominations all this month for the Good Neighbor Awards, to be awarded at the Energize Boise Celebration on September 28th.

It’s part of the inaugural Neighborhood Month in September…click here to learn more, and to nominate someone.


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