Marijuana in Idaho – Part 2 – What is CBD Oil and is it legal?



Depending on who you’re talking to, Cannabidiol — or C-B-D — is either a miracle compound or a step toward legalizing marijuana in Idaho.

Marijuana in Idaho – Part 2 – What is CBD Oil and is it Legal?

CBD came close to being legalized in 2015, both Houses of the Legislature passed the bill only to have it vetoed when it reach Governor Otter’s desk.  Instead, an experimental program was created to allow a limited number of children suffering from seizure disorders to be prescribed CBD.  But that’s not good enough for many Idahoans who want to be able to buy CBD without the hassle of government controls and for whatever conditions they think it will help with.  But what is CBD in the first place?  Joel Bordeaux is the owner of Global CBD in Sandpoint, he says it’s a compound that humans actually need for balanced health.  “CBD is one of eighty, some people say one hundred and twenty cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.  CBD is the heavy lifter for healing, of all the cannabinoids, it helps, it does the most benefit; from being good for pain, anxiety, stress, it helps with inflammation, cancer, fighting; it helps with blood sugar levels; it helps with brain protection – there’s several things it helps  with.”  OK, so what are cannabinoids?  In laymen’s terms, they are chemical compounds that help cells communicate to maintain homeostasis or a balance of the body’s systems.  So, what’s the big deal then?  Why is CBD not legal already?  Bordeaux says it’s because CBD can come from two sources.  “Agricultural hemp is bred to have little to no THC, where marijuana is bred to have higher THC.  And THC is the molecule what makes people high.    Yeah, THC and marijuana are really more for the high where agricultural hemp and CBD are more made for healing.”   And while Federal law allows up to point three percent THC, Idaho law does not.  “For agricultural hemp  and remove from the definition of marijuana have to have less than point 3 percent THC for Federal legalization, and removal from the controlled substance act.  In Idaho, it’s a trace elements state in which you cannot have any amount of THC.”  Bordeaux says the products he sells are from industrial hemp and therefore contain no THC and that’s why he can sell them.   Still, opening a CBD business is not easy as some business men in Garden City have learned.  In our next installment we’ll hear about the legal hurdles they’re having to clear in order to get their doors open.  Just because their product is legal doesn’t mean the government isn’t apparently trying to stop them from selling it.  Jay Howell 670KBOI.

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